[ボランティアガイド] 神奈川県-鍋割山頂上 ( Kanagawa-Pref. Nabewari Yama up to the summit )


緊急事態宣言下(2021/01/31) でも日帰りできる場所ならと、ボランティアガイドの下見に来ました。山に出かける人出もまばら。時期も冬。静かな登山を楽しむことができました。

It was around January and it was a long day compared to last early January’s Nabewari climbing.I got to the summit this time and went to Komaru down climbing route.Okura bus stop ” was the final destination.

Dear friends in U.S.

” Nabewari – Tanzawa ” is a full day’s trip away and its altitude is around 4,000 feet.

The higher the altitude I climbed, the smaller the trees were. Their growth were also stunted or distorted.

Experiencing Japanese nature on the mountain ridge/summit made me feel close to god 🙏


Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary should be accompanied your trip in Japan. Phrase are categorized by occasion with an index at the end of the book.

アマゾンで「Japanese Phrasebook」を調べる

楽天で「Japanese Phrasebook」を調べる


The plan was made with the following consideration:

  • 登山中級者。年に一度は1,000メータクラスの登山に出かけている人。 ” For mountaineers who climb over 3,000 feet class once in a year. “
  • もしもの時のバックアッププランも必要 ” Set up with a backup plan. “
  • 食事も楽しみたい ” Favorable local restaurants are available in the area.”
  • お酒も飲みたいので公共交通機関でアクセスしたい ” Use public transportation for beer time. “


  • タオル ” towel”
  • 帽子 ” cap “
  • ヘッドライト ” small light “
  • ストック ” walking poles “
  • 小銭 ” ¥ coins “
  • レインコート・セット ” rain wear “
  • ジャージ上 ” long sleeve sports wear “
  • 長袖シャツ ” long sleeve shirt “
  • 長ズボン ” long pants “
  • 厚手靴下 ” thick sox “
  • 替シャツ ” underware – shirt / sox / for change “
  • 長袖シャツ ” long sleeve shirt for change “
  • 長ズボン ” long pants for change “
  • チョコレート ” chocorate “
  • コーヒー ” coffee “
  • 塩飴 ” salt supply “
  • エネルギーフード ” energy bar “
  • バナナ ” banana “
  • おにぎりx3 ” rice-ball / sandwich – lunch “
  • 水ボトル 2L ” water bottle 2 litters “
  • 水ボトル 500cc ” water bottle 0.5 litter for easy carry”
  • テーピング他、救急用品 ” first aid kit “
  • 冬季:チェーンアイゼン(クランポン)” Clamp – on spike “



タイムテーブル time table

Nabewari Mountain is a part of Tanzawa Mountain area. Odakyu – from ShinMatsuda station a shuttle bus leaves for the mountain trail entrance. After climbing to the summit of Nabewari, I took the trail for Okura bus stop. I left Odakyu ShinMatsuda station around 08:00 for the shuttle bus in the morning.  Boarded a bus from Okura and arrived at Odakyu – Shibusawa station around 17:00 , I enjoyed my trip
  • 06:11 南武線「矢野口」Left Nanbu – line ” Yanokuchi “
  • 06:21 小田急線乗り換え「登戸」Changed the line to Odakyu at the ” Noborito “
  • 07:21 小田急線「新松田」バスに乗り換え Used a bus from Odakyu – line ” Shin Matsuda “
  • 07:55 「新松田-北口-3番」バスで「寄」へ Ride the bus from the spot ” 3 ” at the North exit of ” Shin Matsuda “
  • 08:20「寄」到着 Arrived at ” Yadoriki “
  • 12:04「鍋割山荘」山頂から下山ルートまでの縦走に入る Climb up till ” Nabewari-mountain hut and went ridge run for climb down route “
  • 16:17「大倉バス停」着 Arrived ” Okura Bus Stop “
  • 17:00 帰路へ Went back to home


ShinMatsuda station provides a great scenery by the window facing to Fuji. It’s going to be a fantastic day.
Departure number “3”
But no identification of “3” on the post.
We have only two times chance to go the mountain entrance in the morning time.
The stop ” Yadoriki ” is the destination, which has rest room at the playing ground crossing the bus stop.
Check the information board.
Going a town road for the mountain entrance. Road information is available at the every corner.
Climbing up the road with seeing a tea farm.
Surely nice day and mild trail.
The road changed to the path on the field.

There are road signage at every corners.
This is part of the Kanagawa prefecture but there are ” Deer blocking gates ” all over the trails.
The higher the altitude I climbed, the smaller the trees were. Their growth were also stunted or distorted.
This is mountain ” ice needles “
There are two trails to climb down towards ” Okura-bus-stop “. I climbed up the the summit ” Nabewari ” this time.
山頂部の標高は1,272 m。鍋割山頂につきました。雪が残っています。1月から3月くらいまで、クランポン(チェーンアイゼン)は携行しておいたほうがいいです。
At the summit of ” Nabewari “. There was not much snow but clamp on spike should be equipped in January.
The altitude at the summit 4,175 feet.
It was a great day. Nabewari is for a mountaineer who climbs over 3,000 feet class once in a year. Recommend age range is from 13 years old.
Cocking noodle is popular in this maountain hut.
From the summit, taking a trail for Mt. Tonodake.
This is my clamp on spike.
Down trail ” Komaru ” is forest throughout course, which is cautioned as lost position happening. GPS position check application like ” YAMAP ” should be installed.
I slipped down the trail and out of the course. Yellow line identifies the right course when Blue shows the actual record.
Along with the mountain stream, there is mild slope down to ” Okura bus stop “.
The slope eventually connects to a town paving road.
” Okura bus stop ” provides shuttles two to three times in an hour.
A rest room and washing space are available, which is appreciacive.
Beer came at the end of the tour as usual.Rape blossoms told me that winter’s end is near.